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Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten how to breathe correctly long ago. The way how we breathe affects our health more than our nutrition does. It sounds surprising, but it's true.
If you have small children, cats or dogs, watch how they breathe. You will notice that they breathe with their belly. Regarding the animals, it is all absolutely clear; they are not corrupted by our “civilization” and live in accordance with their natural norms. But what about with the children, why at some moment they forget that you need to breathe through your abdomen? There is a very simple and obvious explanation. Caring parents overfeed their children to such an extent that their diaphragm gets blocked due to their constantly overfilled stomach and intestines. Then the diaphragm atrophies and abnormal breath becomes the “norm”. So, draw your conclusions from this fact, since such a “care” often leads to highly sad consequences. Don't force your child to eat if he or she doesn't want to. Your children are far more intelligent than you think, and they have their sense of measure, which you so often ignore.
When the process of breathing engages only the upper part of the lungs, occupying less than 20% of their total volume, in so formed interstices are starting to develop dangerous pathogenic microorganisms. This leads to disharmony of our general microbiota. And so, the balance that creates the basis of health in our body gets broken. Besides, do not forget that our lungs are responsible for metabolic processes. If destabilization of the respiratory system takes place, a number of different pathologies start to develop.

And another important factor! Our diaphragm participates not only in the respiration process, but it also massages the organs of our chest and abdomen. Our heart bag (pericardium) is attached to our diaphragm at the top. And below, the diaphragm massages our liver, kidneys with adrenal glands, pancreas and spleen. Imagine what an important work is being done by our diaphragm!

If a person is diagnosed with degeneration of alveoli of their lungs (due to improper breathing), then in 95% of cases such a person will also have the reduced function of their adrenal glands. And the adrenal glands are a very important regulator. In case of their dysfunction, one will have low immunity (low production of steroids), decrease in sexual activity, weakness, and dizziness.

The condition of your skin and hair also very much depends on the condition of your lungs. If gas exchange in the lungs is impaired, some part of their functions shifts to the skin. In such a case the skin is aging rapidly, it gets covered in rash, and its structural integrity gets disturbed. That is why the breathing exercises are absolutely essential for people with various skin diseases, especially with chronic relapsing dermatoses (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis).

The organization of proper breathing is a very difficult and important task. To make this process mostly simple, comfortable and efficient, the Company VITA-RA offers their product “PRANA”.

Prana is the breath of life, the living energy that permeates the Universe.
PRANA VITA-RA helps your respiratory tracts to perform the following basic functions:
*delivery of air from the atmosphere to your lungs;
*cleansing of incoming air of contaminants;
*protection of your lungs (on the bronchial mucosa are deposited and excreted microorganisms, dust, foreign particles, etc.);
*normalization of temperature conditions and humidifying of incoming air.

Herbal tincture "Prana" is a modern remedy for restoration and optimization of broncho-pulmonary system and ENT tract.
It is based on a synergistic composition of native extracts of sage, plantain and melissa.

This highly concentrated complex:
*produces anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect;
*protects cell membranes against the penetration of allergens.
*eliminates various nasal dysfunctions and pathologies of the ENT tract;
*is a powerful antiviral agent;
*neutralizes dangerous pathogens, protects the integrity of microbiota;
*relieves cough and sore throat in case of acute respiratory infections and bronchitis;
*helps to cleanse the respiratory tracts of mucus;
*retains regular function of the mucous membranes of respiratory tracts;
*helps to normalize the work of respiratory system;
*produces a deodorizing effect.

And why PRANA VITA-RA is so effective?
*reduces inflammation in the body;
*actively fights viruses;
*is a powerful antiseptic;
*neutralizes bacterial infection;
*stops bleeding;
*strengthens the immune system;
*relieves muscle spasms;
*facilitates internal and external rejuvenation;
*strengthens the memory;
*restores hormonal balance;
*stimulates sexual desire;
*improves skin condition.

*is an antiseptic;
* heals and repairs the wounds;
* produces a positive effect on the secretory function of the stomach;
* relieves pain and also produces an expectorant and blood purifying action;
* helps in case of pulmonary tuberculosis, pleurisy, catarrh of the upper respiratory tracts, bronchial asthma and whooping cough.

The MELISSA holds a special place in the herbal tincture of Prana and
* thanks to its constituent, the rosemary acid, melissa possesses unique antioxidant properties, and therefore, its application can reduce the risk of lung cancer for smokers;
* helps to cope with acute respiratory disease in the offseason, is a powerful immunostimulant and very effective for eliminating herpes;
*very useful for the recovery of the cardiovascular system;
*maintains optimal functional state of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchi;
*increases the production of protective mucus;
*produces a diuretic effect;
*produces anti-allergic and disinfecting effect;
*helps to improve the condition of skin;
*normalizes the liver and biliary tracts;
*controls the process of metabolism;
*cleanses the blood, lymph and skin;
*protects the body from toxic chemicals;
*is used to balance the food ration;
*helps to get rid of unpleasant mouth odor.

PRANA Vita-RA is a new form of naturopathic products that are created to provide prompt assistance in case of any failure of such a complex and very important system of our body.
Composition: the leaf of sage (Salvia officinalis), plantain leaf, herb of melissa, drinking water.

Method of application:

for pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, dry cough
To pour 1 ml of the tincture into the measuring container (with divisions) of the compressor inhaler. The duration of the inhalation is 3-5 minutes. To breathe, alternating the mouth inhale, nose exhale, nose inhale, and mouth exhale.

For angina, tonsillitis
To put 1-2 drops (to dilute 1-2 drops with water) of the herbal tincture on the tonsils, using a pipette. You can lubricate the tonsils with a cotton swab dipped in the tincture, or
rinse them 2-3 times a day using a solution of 10 drops of tincture in half a glass of boiled water.
A prophylactic course takes 5-7 days. It is highly efficient to alternate the rinse with the solution
of sea salt “Effect” of the Vita-Ra Company.

For rhinitis
To put the herbal tincture in turundas into the nose or put 2-4 drops of the pre-diluted tincture (of 1:1 ratio with water). When you use the tincture, the malaise, throat irritation, and swelling of the nasal mucosa reduce or disappear and the nasal breathing restores.

  • expiration date 12m