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Hygiene products for the oral cavity are a mandatory attribute of our everyday life.
The range of such products on the market is extremely huge. And each manufacturer tries to present their produce from the most favorable perspective, so that the consumer would give preference to their brand. And all means are considered appropriate for promotion of these products. And nobody is worried for the consequences of their application. The chewing gum is one of the most popular products for caring of the oral cavity.

Here are a few facts about why chewing gum is not the best choice for each of us:
*The basis of the chewing gum is a complex of polymer compounds that cannot be split in the oral cavity under the impact of saliva;
*Sugar in the chewing gum composition is a nutrient medium for pathogenic bacteria. Actively multiplying in the oral cavity, they are thinning tooth enamel, causing caries. The use of sugar substitutes does not solve the problem of security of the finished product;
*Glutamate or flavor enhancer. This additive, commonly used in the food industry, has a devastating effect on the nerve cells. This substance is contraindicated for children since it can cause developmental pathologies. Its use is also harmful for pregnant women because of the risk to damage the intrauterine development of the child;
*In the process of chewing, the salivary glands activate and the production of gastric juice increases. If during chewing, the food does not enter the stomach, the higher concentration of hydrochloric acid leads to disruption of the mucosal integrity of the stomach. In the long term it can cause the stomach ulcer, gastritis or other problems of the digestive system;
*The whitening chewing gum is a myth. No pellet of the mint chewing gum can whiten the enamel of teeth, even by a quarter of tone;
*Е140 and E321, present in the chewing gum composition, often cause allergic reactions. The most common of them is urticaria.

The Company VITA-RA offers an excellent natural alternative to traditional chewing gums – a resin of LARCH.
Our nature is very generous and it doesn't request millions of dollars for advertising. It creates her treasures for our happy and healthy life and asks for nothing in return. It never does us any harm. It created a unique substance – the chewing resin of the Siberian larch.
It contains more than 270 essential biologically active substances, including unique turpentines and higher fatty acids.
The larch resin produces strong effects: anti-bacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, healing, anti-inflammatory, vessel-strengthening, anti-allergic, antifungal and antiviral.
The chewing resin of the Siberian larch has been long considered as having the healing properties. This substance was used as a chewing cud purifying the oral cavity, freshening up the breath and strengthening the teeth. This unique natural product contains neither sugar, nor preservatives; so it is recommended for patients with diabetes. The larch resin helps to restore the composition of the tooth enamel, and strengthen the gums and roots of the teeth. This "cud" will protect the teeth from harmful bacteria that cause the development of periodontal disease and caries. In case of gingivitis and acute dental pain, the resin of larch in the form of a plate is applied to the aching tooth or the gums. The pain goes away after 3 to 5 minutes. The chewing larch resin is recommended for those suffering from gastritis, duodenitis and other diseases of the digestive tract.

Important! It was proved that the resin of larch protects the body from negative effects of smog, exhaust gases, vapors of paint products, gasoline, and tobacco smoke for a period of up to four hours. In such a case it's enough to chew the resin for 15 minutes. As of today, anything equivalent for individual protection against the above factors do not exist!
Method of application: place the stick of resin in your mouth and chew it without time limits.
Composition: resin of Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) 100%.


  • expiration date 24 m
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