Powder for Gums and Teeth ASPEN BARK

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VITA-RA for Gums and Teeth (Tooth Powder)

*Aspen bark
**Aspen bark + shell of pine nuts
***Aspen bark + LARCH BARK

What dentifrices do you use to brush your teeth?
For some people this question is rather intimate, for some it is not worthy of serious consideration, and for some it is of mega importance... However, teeth brushing process is already the axiom of life: everybody should always brush their teeth.
What dentifrices are offered to us thereto:
*toothpastes with fluorine;
*toothpastes without fluorine (bio pastes);
*tooth bio powders;
*organic tooth powders.

What are these dentifrices?
Toothpastes with fluorine
First of all we need to understand the difference between such substances, as fluorine and fluoride. Trade network made the switch of concepts and misled the consumers, making fluorine the greatest fraud of the health industry. And why you can see below.
Fluorine is an indispensable microelement; it comes into our body from nuts, lentils, onions, green leafy vegetables, etc. And this microelement has nothing in common with the chemical compound fluoride, which is added to toothpaste, household water, pharmaceuticals, and bath salts. Fluoride is a poisonous chemical by-product of the industry for producing aluminum, steel and phosphate. It is more dangerous than lead and arsenic. It was used during WW1 and WW2 as a warfare gaseous chemical agent. It can be accumulated in the human body and destroy blood vessels and capillaries, gradually narrowing them (that's one of the main reasons for the mass occurrence of heart attacks and strokes!). Accumulating in the body, it destroys vital enzymes (those responsible for the immune, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems). Fluoride is slowly but surely destroying a person's psyche (almost 70% of psychosomatic medicines contain fluoride), causes cancer faster than any other chemical substance. 
This brief information gives an exhaustive explanation, what are the toothpastes with fluoride.

Toothpastes without fluorine (bio pastes)
Based on the above information about the harm of fluoridation of the toothpastes, manufacturers offer a current trend - toothpastes without fluoride. And we might have only enjoyed this alternative. If we did not have another “but”... . Having studied these products in details, we can see that in most cases they contain artificially synthesized analogues of natural substances, like, for example, hydroxyapatite. They say that it is a complete analogue of the mineral matrix of human bone tissue. And they openly declare that it is a biogenic product. We can conduct long debates on the subject of safety of such products. However, it is possible to examine the reports of several research groups whose research produced the following result: the life expectancy of those constantly consuming biogenic products is much lower than that of the people who prefer natural native nutrition.

Tooth bio powders
As a rule, these hygiene products are produced from different kinds of clay, chalk, crushed herbs, or mix of these components. There are loyal fans of this category of products intended for dental and oral cavity caring. According to the opinion of common consumers there are four significant disadvantages of these bio powders: 
1. discomfort while using (poor hold on the toothbrush during hygienic procedures);
2. considerable effort when washing the powder completely out of the mouth and eliminating its aftertaste (not always pleasant);
3. when used on daily basis, the integrity of the microbiota of the oral cavity is impaired (and this surely leads to the diseases of internal organs);
4. such powders are often bacterially contaminated, since, nearly in all the cases, they do not contain bacteriostatics.
If you find these deficiencies nonessential, you can choose this type of dentifrices.

Organic tooth powders
They have a number of objective advantages and virtually no drawbacks:
*their daily use does not make tooth enamel thin;
*they can be easily washed away by water;
*they contain natural bacteriostatics, preventing the possibility of infection by pathogens;
*they are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic;
*they contain biologically active substances producing a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys;
*they maintain the integrity of the microbiota of the oral cavity, thereby creating optimal conditions for its stable healthy state.
Those people who are interested in happy active longevity brush their teeth using these dentifrices.

Company VITA-RA offers organic powders for gums and teeth on the basis of ASPEN BARK.
Aspen bark has a number of exclusive healing properties, proven over millennia. It is of great value for caring of oral cavity, just because of as follows:
*it can suppress and destroy all the pathogens parasitizing in the body;
*it restores and strengthens the mucous membranes;
*it contains the full complex of all the essential nutrients, especially microelements providing for strengthening and the natural synthesis of bone tissue;
*it produces an extraordinary wound healing effect;
*it quickly and effectively heals the gums (removes bleeding);
*it contains natural aspirin and natural antibiotics;
*it provides long-lasting fresh breath;
*it protects your body from negative energy, provoking the development of severe pathologies.

The range of produce of Company VITA-RA contains three powders for teeth and gums on the basis of aspen bark:
1. Aspen bark (classical): for basic daily care of the oral cavity.
2. Aspen bark + shell of pine nuts: This powder is highly efficient in case of presence of solid deposits on the surface of enamel. In this case any toothpaste is completely powerless.
3. Aspen bark + larch bark powder is very effective as a natural bio corrector. It quickly eliminates inflammation, bleeding, pain, tissue damage, modulates the immune system of the oral cavity.

Method of application: apply a small amount of powder for teeth and gums VITA-RA onto the toothbrush, brush the teeth with circular motions and massage the gums for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse your mouth and toothbrush with plenty of water. Apply powder at least two times a day.
Contraindications: none

  • expiration date 24 m
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