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In our world there are a few really legendary plants, whose benefits can easily make the content of a multi-volume publication.
ASPEN is a legendary tree. Just save in your memory at least 12 amazing facts about aspen and for the rest of your life it will become your reliable assistant in solving various problems.
1. Aspen has an exclusive feature to repulse (to suppress) negative energy. Products from aspen bark create a protective energy “umbrella”, protecting the body from the damaging effects of negative energy, which activates the methyl group of DNA and provokes the development of cancer.
2. Aspen fills in and restores the lack of vital natural energy. Even in ancient times people noticed that despite the fact that aspen is a storehouse of vast amount of healthy substances, the tree itself does not live a long life. It is so because aspen takes upon itself all the dangerous informational environment, energy flows, and pathological states of living organisms interacting with the tree. In old days people knew a highly effective way how to get rid of depression, melancholy, neuroses: it was just necessary to embrace an aspen tree, and stand so for several minutes. And all depressing thoughts, severe mental condition literally evaporated as if they had never existed. It was also popular (because it was effective!) to hang clothes of a sick person on the branches of aspen, and then to put them on. And then the health of such a sick person started to self-recover. Such constant rescue mission (of different nature) is the reason why the tree itself dies quickly.
3. Medicinal properties of aspen contributed to the fact that world's first natural aspirin and natural antibiotics were produced from its bark (the ancient manuscript in support of this fact, recognized as real evidence, is more than 7,000 years old!).
4. It is just owing to aspen we have a unique remedy for many diseases - propolis. The propolis is formed within the processing of bee glue collected from the aspen buds.
5. For the fans of Russian steam bath it is better to use bunches of aspen twigs. Their healing properties are several times higher than those made of birch and oak twigs (combined).
6. Aspen contains bitters as well as fatty acids and essences. They are helpful for gastro-intestinal tract, provide for improvement of its motility and stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes. And the acid-base balance of the body restores due to its high content of valuable minerals.
7. Aspen contains many substances that produces powerful anti-inflammatory action. First and foremost there are bioflavonoids and anthocyanins. They are helpful for treatment of joint pathologies. And tannins contribute to cutting off inflammation foci on the mucous membranes.
8. Aspen promotes weight loss. The high content of sterols and pectins minimizes the content of “dangerous” cholesterol in body tissues. These substances also provide for elimination of hormonal disorders, preventing abnormal weight gain, or help to get rid of it.
9. Aspen takes away the salts of heavy metals and toxins from the body. It produces general beneficial effect on the kidneys and the genitourinary system. It increases libido and strengthens man's health. Aspen is a great natural remedy for harmonization of sexual relations (provides nutritional support for the prostate gland).
10. Aspen produces an extraordinary wound healing effect. It disinfects damaged tissue (microbes, bacteria and other pathogens cannot live in aspen, due to its biochemical composition), reduce their permeability and facilitates their induration. Coumarins, contained in aspen, improve blood clotting, that is why the healing process goes faster.
11. Aspen normalizes the gastrointestinal tract and eliminates parasitic invasions. Tannins and bitters paralyze and destroy parasitic organisms in the intestine, liver, gall-bladder, without damaging tissue. Aspen dissolves old fecal stones, before withdrawing chemical waste out of the intestines. Thereby it protects the gastrointestinal tract from the high risk of injury when cleansing: particularly from ruptures of the intestinal mucosa, which can lead to dangerous infection.
12. Aspen functions as a bioregulator: it improves the function of the endocrine system (reduces the level of sugar in the blood), strengthens the cardiovascular system (restores tissue of the heart muscle and normalizes heart rhythm), modulates the immune system (has a wide range of applications for all types of infectious and viral diseases), regenerates damaged skin (acne, dermatitis, dermatoses: dyshidros, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, etc.).
And this is just part of the outstanding beneficial properties of aspen!
And now imagine a balm, which contains all the main biologically active substances of aspen, with addition of an original composition of organic extracts of medicinal plants (Filipendula herb, horsetail herb) and natural Altai mountain honey.
So, by taking this balm you can in a natural way:
* protect yourselves from dangerous energy exposure (balm inhibits all attempts to take your life energy away);
*take care comprehensively of the health preservation of the whole body;
*get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and nervous disorders.

The Balm “ASPEN BARK” VITA-RA is the choice of those who seek for internal and external HARMONY!

Composition: aspen bark, natural Altai mountain honey, Filipendula herb, horsetail herb, structured water.
Method of application: for adults 2 teaspoons of balm to dissolve in 200 ml of water and drink immediately. To take 3-4 times a day before meals or 30 minutes after a meal.
Contraindications: personal intolerance of particular components of the product.

  • expiration date 24 мес
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