Salt from Altai Lakes

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NATIVE SALT from Altai Lakes "VITA-RA"

* Native (from the Latin “nativus – native”) in biology means to be in the natural state, non-modified, retaining its structure inherent in a living cell.

The legendary gift of Altai nature is its original dry lake brine. It is a multifunctional ecological complex with the properties of biological activity which are 12-14 times higher than those of the Dead Sea salts (the data are taken from reports of scientific expeditions of the S. N. Vinogradsky Institute of Microbiology of the RAS).
The untreated natural lake salt has a grey colour resulting from the process of its crystallization in symbiosis with clay, silt and peloids, and its colour confirms its natural origin.
The most useful salt for the human body is created through technology of drying, because this method makes it possible to obtain a valuable product "salt" without changing its natural crystal lattice, with preservation in it of a full complex of macro- and microelements, useful ancient microorganisms, and unique volatile fractions that can be easily decomposed and lose their healing properties.
It is a native product that no laboratory of scientists can create better than nature itself made.
Why do we need the native salt from Altai Lakes?
The necessity of regular use of this salt is due to its original set of minerals, macro- and microelements which have a chemical composition very close to that of the human lymph and blood. And they are required to maintain the water-salt balance of the human body what is an integral part of homeostasis. Homeostasis ( Greek "Homoios - similar, the same" + "stasis - a state, stillness") is the relative dynamic constancy of the internal environment (blood, lymph, tissue fluid) and the stability of the basic physiological functions (blood circulation, respiration, thermoregulation, metabolism, and so on) of humans and animals. Regulatory mechanisms that support the physiological state or properties of cells, organs and systems of the entire body at optimum level are called homeostatic.
So, this product with every reason can be called homeostatic.
The Native Salt "VITA-RA" has highly pronounced adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. It naturally stimulates the growth of healthy cells and produces stable synthesis of organic collagen. And it eliminates the development of allergic reactions for the consumers. Moreover, it makes this product essential for people with autoimmune diseases (neurodermatitis, asthma, scleroderma, vasculitis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, etc.).
What makes the native salts from Altai Lakes "VITA-RA"so UNIQUE?
This salt contains unprecedented ancient beneficial bacteria that existed from the origin of life on the earth. It means that the genome of these bacteria remembers the principle of autonomous self-regulation. And this is a kind of health “factory” inside the human body, functioning without any outside interference. Simply speaking, these bacteria, having entered into the human body, start to carry over their perfect molecular bio-informational “drawings” that they had remembered from generation to generation onto all organs and systems. As a result, the genetic memory activates, and all the structures gradually return to their original healthy state.
In ancient times the territory where now there takes place the production of this salt was under the sea. After the sea had dried up, here and there small salt lakes remained. And this is our great national treasure.
Composition: the native salt from a unique environmentally clean FSC certified field (Federal State Budgetary Institution "Scientific Center of Clinical and Experimental Medicine" of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences).
Method of application:
For the recovery of the digestive system:
2 g of the salt is to be dissolved in a small amount of boiled or filtered water in a glass (approximately 2 tablespoons); then the glass is to be filled up with water to its full volume (200 ml). This solution is to be taken 3 times a day.
For healing the respiratory system, use 1% salt solution obtained by the above method. For inhalation use the solution heated up to 38-40 - 42 °C.
For performing tubages prepare 2% solution (4 grams per a glass of water); then in the morning drink 100-150 - 200 ml of this solution on an empty stomach and lie down on the right side on a warm heater.
For the recovery of the musculoskeletal system and the skin (cutaneous covering) apply salt baths (300-1000 ml for 200 liters). If it is not possible to take a bath, rub-down the skin with 1-3% salt solution (dissolve 100-300 grams of salt in 10 liters of water).
Contraindications: none.

The regular use the native salts from Altai Lakes "VITA-RA" is the most affordable and natural way to the healthy active longevity!

  • expiration date 24 m
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